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Smart Spots: 3 Google Chrome Extensions for Better Prospecting

In this Smart Spot, I share three Chrome extensions that help streamline the daily task of prospect research.

Because of caller ID and voicemail, it’s more difficult than ever to actually speak with prospects. But by being able to quickly research a company or prospect before you reach out and find information about them or commonalities you may have with them you’re able to turn that cold call into a warm lead, drastically increasing your chance of connecting with them.

Here are the three tools I share in the video:

HubSpot Sales Hub

  • Allows for email opens tracking
  • Shows which web pages a prospect has viewed and the number of times they have visited your site
  • Gives company information such as year founded, number of employees, revenue, and tech spend
  • Contact information
  • Recent Tweets
  • SEO – Organic and paid search visitors, keywords, and traffic cost
Linked Hub 2.0
  • Integrates with HubSpot CRM and Sales Tool by syncing LinkedIn profile information automatically as a contact and their related company in HubSpot
  • Will record messages sent in LinkedIn on HubSpot contact record
  • Integrates with email finder software to assist in finding the contact’s email address

If you’d like to learn more about these tools or how I use them, feel free to schedule a time to talk with me.

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