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Erica Pierce

Erica Pierce
As Art Director for Spot On, Erica Pierce oversees all design activity for the Agency. She spends most of her time managing website projects, and is actively engaged throughout the entire process, from sitemap creation all the way to launch. Upon completion of her HubSpot certification in Growth Driven Design, Erica has been working to continuously improve client websites after launch, monitoring and tracking website data in order to optimize for best user experience. She shares her office with her four-legged “secretaries,” Olive and Val.

Recent Posts

Why Graphic Design Services Are a Required Part of Digital Marketing

Advertisements, content, and social media are rarely successful without the help of graphic design services. According to a report compiled at the Wharton Business School, 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. 

Design is not mere decoration, but a massive part of our communication. Digital marketing relies heavily on communication. Whether it’s through blogging, downloadable content, websites, or social media, graphic design is a necessary part of digital marketing. 

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8 Critical Elements of a Successful SaaS Website

As a SaaS company, your website is your storefront. It's where you make your first impression, showcase your products, and turn visitors into customers. Your SaaS web design has much influence on your conversion rates and therefore, the success of your business.

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6 Inbound Marketing Best Practices for Your Website

All inbound websites should have several essential elements if companies want to attract the right traffic and convert visitors into qualified leads. Your company must ensure that these elements are targeted just right to reach your buyer persona. Ultimately, you should position your site to provide someone with almost everything they need to know about your company and how your services can solve their problems.

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Do You Need a New Web Design or Website Improvements?

Your company’s website is the most important marketing asset you own, which is why it’s critical to ensure that it looks, functions, and performs exactly as needed. If your site falls short in one or more of these areas, you should re-evaluate your web presence.

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What is Website Usability and How Can It Boost Sales?

Website usability, also known as user experience (UX), describes the way in which visitors view and interact with your site. Users should be able to immediately recognize the main message of your page, easily figure out how to get from point A to point B and be able to achieve the goal they set out to accomplish. 

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Smart Spots: 10 Steps for Setting Up Thank You Pages in HubSpot

Watch this week’s Smart Spot for a step-by-step guide on setting up a thank you page in HubSpot.

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Data-Driven Design: The Future of Website Design

Traditional website projects usually entail months of extensive copywriting, design, revisions, change orders and…more revisions, all based on what everyone thinks are the right updates for your site.

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Smart Spots: Website Performance Audit


We’re excited to announce our newest offering at Spot On, the Website Performance Audit.

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12 Signs It’s Time for a New Website Design

You’re on the fence. It may not have been that long ago when you were in a similar situation, writing copy, approving designs, testing functionality and chipping away at your yearly marketing budget for a new website design. But as you’ve stayed on top of the latest trends, kept an eye on competitors and helped your company grow, you wonder if it’s time to rethink your most important marketing asset.

So how do you know when it’s time for the overhaul? It comes down to design and structure.

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Smart Spots: 5 Simple Steps to Setting Up a Smart CTA in HubSpot

In this Smart Spot we’ll show you how to set up a smart CTA in relation to list membership, with the instructions written out below, along with some bonus ideas for your own Healthcare SaaS Smart CTAs.

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Smart Spots: 10 Steps for Setting Up Landing Pages in HubSpot

Watch this week's Smart Spot for a step-by-step guide on setting up a landing page in HubSpot, and read on for the play-by-play with some additional tips.

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10 Crucial Blog Design Tips for B2B Companies

According to HubSpot, your blog is one of the four most important pages on your company’s website. If you’re implementing a proper website strategy and effective SEO, it’s also one of the first pages your visitors will see.

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5 Steps for Building an Effective Website Strategy

These days, almost every company down to the smaller mom-and-pop retailers understands that its website is important. For many of your potential customers, your website is your front door, display window, the face of your business, and the source of a crucial first impression. 

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6 Web Design Software Tools for a Successful Redesign

We’re living in the golden age of technology. Although we haven’t quite achieved the long-awaited flying car, software has enhanced every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

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Healthcare SaaS: How to Develop Website Content That Works for You

In the healthcare software industry - as in any other industry these days - it’s very likely that the first interaction your potential customers will have with your company will be via your website.

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6 Survival Tips for Your Website Strategy

Every company approaches their website differently. For some, it’s enough to simply have an updated website design that looks great. Others might feel somewhat lost when it comes to how a website should be designed and organized.

As the central point for all of your inbound efforts, your website should ultimately attract, convert, close and delight potential customers.

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Growth-Driven Design Retainers vs. Website Maintenance Packages

After launching a new website, many traditional agencies will suggest you purchase a web maintenance package. A maintenance package means the agency will handle your requested edits later on, so you don't have to make any changes yourself. This may sound like a nice deal, but in reality you will likely end up paying a monthly fee and getting little to nothing in return.

So what is a growth-driven design retainer and how does it differ from a maintenance package?

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A Website Redesign for STEM Curriculum Expert KnowAtom

Our client KnowAtom creates STEM curriculum that aims to engage students as real scientists and engineers in the classroom. The extensive materials they provide allow teachers to spend more time teaching students valuable problem-solving skills, and less time planning. KnowAtom has a proven track record of helping schools all over the U.S. increase test scores and proficiency, so it’s easy to see why they boast a notable 97% customer retention rate.

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Blog Design Breakdown

You’ve mastered the first step of inbound marketing: increasing web traffic by using great content and a mixture of SEO tactics. Since blogs are often the entrance point to a website for organic traffic, you need to ensure your blog design has the ability to engage and convert visitors. According to Google Analytics, in 2015 blogs had the highest bounce rate compared to all other website pages at 70-98%. So how can you convince readers to stay once on your blog once they’ve arrived, and how do you move them further along the inbound process?

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The Do's & Don'ts of Choosing a Website Design Vendor

Keeping track of all the ways a website design vendor's work will impact your business can be a daunting task, but choosing a mobile website design company should never be done without extensive research and consideration. There are countless ways a company that provides seemingly perfect graphic design services can achieve a sub-optimal or even negative impact on marketing strategy—inbound marketing strategies in particular. We'll discuss a few key things to look out for when making your selection. 

Canned solutions

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Steps to Choosing a Mobile Website Design Company

80% of mobile sites are not productive because the business owner neglects to use best practices when choosing a mobile website design company. Indeed, it's difficult to make an educated choice among providers without knowing the process and steps. Here's a few things to consider;

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How to Choose a Mobile Website Vendor

As far back as 2010, statistics showed that mobile phones got more use as data devices than they did for placing phone calls. And with the huge proliferation of both phones and tablets since then, those numbers only increased.

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Great Design is an Expectation

With each new year comes new goals and expectations. One resolution that I would hope all companies, both large and small, would have is to place a strong focus on the value of great design.design

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