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By Spot On Agency Team on February 27, 2023

Improving Pipeline and Lead Generation with the Right Site Strategy at Complete Payroll Solutions


Complete Payroll Solutions is a company that provides payroll, time & attendance, benefits, talent management, and other HR solutions and is a popular choice among many small and mid-size businesses. 

The Challenge: 

Even though Complete Payroll Solutions blogs regularly and was seeing reasonable traffic to its website, it wasn’t seeing enough of this traffic convert to leads. Making a name in the national market also is incredibly tough, with multiple large brand competitors.  

The Solution: 

Spot On worked with Complete Payroll Solutions to develop the right messaging and site strategy.

  • Branding focused on a people-first orientation, differentiating from the cold and robotic-like positioning of competitors  
  • The company’s logo was updated to reflect a brighter, more modern, and welcoming look  
  • Spot On dug deep into personas to shape website strategy and created a user journey map to identify the best ways to move visitors through the site for conversions 
  • Strategists conducted keyword research and identified opportunities to strengthen on-page SEO 
  • A chatbot communication plan was developed and executed to direct visitors to appropriate company representatives based on need and sales qualifications and interest 

The Results:  

  • Website traffic increased significantly. In 12 months, the company saw 360,444 sessions--more than doubling its existing organic traffic.  
  • During the same period, more than 1,000 site visitors engaged with the new chatbot and were routed to sales teams and other staff.  

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Published by Spot On Agency Team February 27, 2023