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Content Optimization System - A Personalized Website Experience

Rebecca Graves
By Rebecca Graves on August 27, 2013

Content Optimization System - A Personalized Website Experience

Rebecca Graves
By Rebecca Graves on August 27, 2013

The latest innovation for marketers from HubSpot? A content optimization system not just a content management system. What's the difference? Typically, content management systems focus on the content not the person who is consuming it. In other words, regardless of whether someone is a first-time visitor or a long-time customer, they have the same experience when they visit your company's website. 

HubSpot's content optimization system (COS) is about a personalized website experience. It's personalized in two ways: the device on which the person visits the site and where they are in the customer lifecycle. Responsive design based on the device is great, but customized design based on the person is just phenomenal! Inbound marketers know that personalization is critical to the success of their marketing programs. 

HubSpot co-founders, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah announced the new release at Inbound 13.  “The foundation of inbound marketing is the recognition that the way people work, live, shop, and buy has fundamentally changed,” said Brian Halligan. “Now, in addition to having more information at their fingertips and being more in control than ever, buyers access your company’s website from multiple devices and via multiple channels. Perhaps most important, as their experience with your company grows, the needs of your website visitors, leads, and customers change. Yet the vast majority of marketing treats everyone the same no matter where they are in the lifecycle or how many times they’ve been to your site. Today, we’re giving marketers the tools they need to personalize and transform the experience of their customers. Context truly does change everything, and this is a critical step for personalization that goes far beyond adding a name to an email.” 

Here's a quick list of the important features: 

Mobile Optimized - The latest Pew surveys show that close to 60% of adults connect to the web through a smartphone, tablet, or laptop (on-the-go). It's also projected that by 2015 more Americans will access the web through mobile devices than desktop computers. HubSpot is now utilizing responsive design for its content - meaning that content is repackaged for devices of any size and aspect ratio. This makes HubSpot the more scalable solution as devices continue to change.

Integrated - Scale of integration is one of the unique features that HubSpot provides its users. All of the marketing tools - content, social media, marketing automation and analytics - are cooperative and connected to the marketer's database. In other words, you have a complete history of your leads' interests and interactions enabling personalization throughout your marketing.

Personalized - Perhaps one of the most exciting new features in the COS is the ability to incorporate "smart" dynamic content and personalization tokens across website pages, landing pages and blogs. Finally, your customers and prospects will be able to see content that is applicable to them.

Social Search Ready - The new update also features built-in social context like authorship tags for search engine results that have become increasingly influenced by social. HubSpot also does a better job than other content management systems at integrating social sharing throughout its content tools.

You can check out some sample sites built with the new COS here:inspire.HubSpot.com

One last thing you may find important - HubSpot's COS was put to the test by Yottaa against other platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla. You can see the results here. (Spoiler alert: HubSpot won!) 

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