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Rebecca Graves
By Rebecca Graves on May 17, 2022

Creating an Email in HubSpot



Watch Spot On's Smart Spot for a helpful, step-by-step guide on setting up an email in HubSpot.

So you're ready to send an email through HubSpot, now what?  There are many important aspects and settings to consider when creating an engaging email and we're here to help guide you through it!

Here 4 steps to creating a marketing email in HubSpot, along with a video demonstration.

Step 1: Creating an Email

  • Choose from Regular, Automated, or Blog/RSS
  • Select a template: Custom or drag and drop
  • Create an internal name for the email

Step 2: Edit Tab

  • Add personalization token to opening
  • Add in introduction copy or content you’d like to promote
  • Add modules (ex: a section at the bottom showing your latest blog)
  • Add a CTA to end

Step 3: Settings Tab

  • From name
  • From address
  • Engaging subject line
    • Can add personalization token (first name, company name) 
    • Increases engagement/open rate 
  • Preview text
    • This is what shows up with the subject line before the contact opens the email 
    • 50 characters or less
  • Subscription type
  • Campaign (if applicable)
  • Customize plain text

Step 4: Send or Schedule Tab

  • Select Send To list
  • Select Exclusion list
  • Decide whether to enable ‘Don’t send to unengaged contacts’
  • Send now or schedule for later
  • Send test email to yourself or a co-worker


  • A/B test
  • Convert to automated and attach to a landing page or workflow
  • Adding email to workflow

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Published by Rebecca Graves May 17, 2022
Rebecca Graves