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Smart Spots: Formatting a Blog Post in HubSpot

In this week’s Smart Spot, I share step-by-step how to set up blog posts in HubSpot using best practices.

Putting together a blog post is no easy task. From researching, writing, and editing, it can take time to put together high-value content that attracts visitors to your site. As it turns out, creating the content is only half the battle. Believe it or not the way a blog post is formatted affects everything from user experience to search engine optimization (SEO).

Below, I’ve listed out some of the steps for quick reference, but make sure you watch the video for an in-depth explanation.

Before you dive into the steps below, make sure you create a new post, rather than clone an old one. While everyone has their own preference for where to write content, if you’re creating your own posts, it might be wise to create them in Word first and then paste it into the template.

Next, each step below is categorized under these tabs in HubSpot - Edit, Settings, and Publish.


  • Add blog copy
  • Format headers - regular headers should be Header 2 and numbered items are Header 3
  • Check any links in your blog and make sure they open in a new tab
  • Add a relevant call-to-action
  • Add your image and make sure that there’s an appropriate alt tag in place as well
  • If you use HubSpot’s SEO tool, connect the core topic and subtopic on the left under Optimize (it’s a symbol with an arrow/chart)


  • Add your blog title
  • Update the blog URL and make sure there’s no odd punctuation
  • Add the appropriate author and category tag
  • Create the meta description summarizing your post for the search engine results page
  • Choose a campaign if it’s applicable

Publish or Schedule

  • Update social auto-publishing by clicking preview and edit, then add customized copy and add a hashtag if appropriate
  • Choose to publish or schedule your blog

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