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Good Graphic Design Services: A Required Part of Inbound Marketing

Advertisements, newsletters and web copy are rarely easy to do or all that great without the help of graphic design services. Design elements can increase leads and boost your success rate by 43%, according to a 3M Corporation study. In fact, according to the same report compiled at the Wharton Business School, 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Design is not mere decoration, but a huge part of our communication. Inbound marketing relies heavily on communication, spreading the word about good content. 

40% of people will respond quicker to
visual information than plain text


Visuals elements that take up nearly 
75% of the space attract 
48% more readers


Seeing is Believing

Graphic_Design_ ServicesGraphic design can accomplish what text is unable to do. How many times have we heard, “I didn’t believe it until I saw it?” It’s a well-known fact, you snooze you lose and presented with a page where everything is the same size, color and font, your readers will find the page lacking in appeal. They may even find the page so uninteresting that they simply lay it down without taking the time to navigate through the important pieces of information. The obstacle here is page design and layout and graphic design services are able to capture two significant elements needed in all copy: attention and emotion.

  1. Cognitive Attention: Design elements help amplify our comprehension and recall. The visual cues help to enhance text and provide emphasis to prominent information, which increases the chances your audience will remember you.

  2. Emotion:  Emotions play a central role in our perception and decision making. Pictures, contrasting elements and the flow of text all influence how we feel about the product or service.

Typical Mistakes that Cloud Good Copy

Often, businesses choose illustrations and images without restraint, making the copy ineffective. Every illustration should be relevant and strengthen the image of the business. For example, an illustration of an old fashioned dental office with a slogan “Since 1912” may be sentimental but it could also convey a message of a post-modern office, with older technology. Appropriate visuals and graphic details help your business compete with established firms.

Typography is also a critical element in details. The overuse of uppercase type and wrong sized fonts are common. Readers unconsciously rely on the shape of words to comprehend meanings and if your audience can’t read it, they will move on.

Choosing Between Read vs. Don’t Read

Within seconds of seeing your copy readers will react to it in a positive or negative way. Your page design will influence their feelings, even before they begin reading your words. To catch their attention you must infuse some visual elements into the background, while allowing the information itself to stand out and take notice.

Undoubtedly, the audience will form their opinion based on how professional and appealing your copy appears, and hence your company will garner that opinion. Will your audience deem you distinguished, professional, contemporary or amateurish? Graphic design services help to establish a distinctive and unified image that will help your audience absorb your message.

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