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If a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words, A Video is Worth Double

Rebecca Graves
By Rebecca Graves on November 02, 2015

If a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words, A Video is Worth Double

Rebecca Graves
By Rebecca Graves on November 02, 2015

If a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words, A Video is Worth Double

It is often said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. If that is the case, then a video is worth at least 2,000. Videos are so much more engaging and interactive than pictures and text. With modern technology, embedding videos directly into a website, blog or social media account is extremely easy and even a little bit of fun. The key is creating unique video content that is different from the rest.

The Best Online Videos: Short, Helpful, and Emotional

Your online videos should be brief, informative, and carry an emotional impact. This is your opportunity to capture the attention of viewers, so only share high quality video content that will reflect positively on your company brand. If your goal is to create a viral video - one that will trigger a large number of shares amongst your social media audience, causing your company visibility to spike – strive to utilize videos that are informative, to the point, makes life easier or explains something, and has a comedic or other emotional edge.

No Need to Recreate the Wheel

While some choose to create their own videos to promote through e-mail, the company website, social media or other channels, you don't necessarily have to film your own videos in order to use this creative service to educate and inform your audience. Be on the lookout for existing relevant video content that is focused on your niche, your products or services, and your knowledge of the industry, and feel free to share and credit videos and tutorials that have been created by others.

Add a Personal Touch

People today are all about clicking "play" to learn visually and audibly. Capitalize on that tendency to increase your brand awareness by personalizing your videos.

There are an unlimited number of creative ways to personalize your videos. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Create a special intro identifying the video as being brought to viewers by your company.
  • Include your staff in the videos.
  • Consider doing FAQ videos.
  • Produce customer support videos.
  • Showcase what sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Capture positive customer testimonials.

Consider encouraging everyone in your company or organization to come up with their own creative video ideas and suggestions, so that you can build a reservoir of video resources to periodically post new content from that will serve to attract, educate and delight your customers.

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