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Two Crucial Steps to Take Towards Marketing and Sales Alignment

Inbound MarkAles. Inbound SaleKeting

Hmmmm. It's hard to find the right catch-phrase to unify these two, often separate department titles now that they have so much in common, but there is one. It's smarketing. Sounds kinda smart, doesn't it?

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5 Sales Myths that Undermine Marketing

If you haven't already noticed, the sales paradigm is getting quite a shake up. It's theinevitable result of two factors: Google's prevalence and the advent of inbound marketing strategies.

At this stage in the game, companies need to begin thinking in terms of inbound sales, which has turned the legacy sales model upside down and sideways.

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How Sales Enablement Can Put Your Sales Team Ahead of the Curve

"Well, Mr. Fiddlesticks, the truth is - your son simply isn't working up to his full potential..."

In the scholastic world, teachers have their pulse on students' performance by way of assignments, test results and overall points/grades. In the business world, we measure whether a sales team is working up to their potential by way of new conversions, completed sales and revenue.

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4 Differences Between Legacy Salespeople and Inbound Salespeople

If a post-war marketing agency compared legacy salespeople with then- contemporary, 1950s versions, they'd say things like, "The legacy salesman traveled by horse with a cart or wagon full of his wares; the modern salesman drives a sleek car and sits down for a civilized cup of coffee to promote glossy-paged catalogs..."

The reality is, as Bob Dylan so aptly stated, "The tiiiimes, they are a chaaa-a-aa-ngin'...," and they always will be.

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Ransomware Threatens to Hold Your Information Hostage


In light of recent unnerving events, corporations and individuals alike are scrambling to protect themselves from malicious software that could literally hold their information hostage.
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