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Getting Back to the Basics II: The Tools of Inbound

Even if you've only gotten a small taste of what inbound marketing has to offer, youprobably have an idea of how vast the world of inbound marketing really is. Businesses can have entire teams devoted to putting all of the moving parts of inbound into a succinct strategy. There’s a lot to consider - from content management and blogging, to analytics and SEO, to community engagement and design, and more still.  

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8 Mistakes Salespeople Have Been Making for Years and Why They Don't Have To

Sales isn't the same, and it hasn't been for some time. The problem with the shifting landscape is that old paradigms are so ingrained into the fiber of sales culture that companies may be blinded by the fact that sales - like marketing - has moved from outbound to inbound methodologies.

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Where Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales Diverge

The terms inbound sales and inbound marketing often go hand-in-hand. But anyonewho has worked in a company with designated sales and marketing teams knows the two don't always go hand in hand at all. The places where inbound sales and inbound marketing diverge can be a detriment to a company's bottom line if divergences aren't handled or supported effectively.

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Getting Back to the Basics I: The 5 Rules of Inbound

Yep. There's a lot of overlap in the land of inbound. We've loaded you with details about the buyer's journery, marketing funnels, buyer personas, and the inbound methodology. And now we're handing out rules, too! 

Have no fear.

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Inbound is for Sales Too!

The phrase "inbound marketing" places all of the emphasis on marketing. That's a shame because inbound methods are as much about sales as they are about marketing. In fact, you could say inbound is really all about the sales because closing the sale is the ideal result of the hard work we put into our marketing strategy.

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