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Plug In Your Favorite Tools to Get Sales from Your Website

Susie Kelley
By Susie Kelley on June 05, 2013
Plug In Your Favorite Tools to Get Sales from Your Website
Plug In Your Favorite Tools to Get Sales from Your Website

Plug In Your Favorite Tools to Get Sales from Your Website

Susie Kelley
By Susie Kelley on June 05, 2013

Getting things “off the rack” may work when you’re shopping for a coat, but when it comes to your website, blog, social pages and other inbound marketing content, you want something a bit more tailored to fit your budget and your business.         

By now you’re likely well acquainted with the wide array of media and approaches you can take to get discovered online, narrow casual visitors into qualified leads, and follow up both automatically and personally until you convert those leads into paying customers.

But is every option necessarily the right option? Just as in a restaurant, if you were to order everything on the menu, the result would more likely be a slim wallet than a satisfied feeling.

Fortunately, inbound marketing experts such as those at HubSpot give you an array of choices, help you make the right decisions and manage those tools to deliver maximum value.

Tools for every job

Attracting attention is job one of inbound marketing. This is also the stage at which many business owners typically stall – it takes a certain measure of time, talent and resources to produce the kind of high-quality, consistent blogs, videos, social sites, web pages and more that both gain attention and position you as a credible, sharable source of information.

Getting the right message out via the right media is a task made infinitely easier through your SEO services company and software providers like HubSpot. You can request personalized demos that illustrate the kind of ROI you can expect through strategic inbound marketing; then work directly with your SEO provider to determine the best keywords to improve your search engine keyword ranking. And your provider doesn’t miss the details, adding important “behind the scenes” tools like metadata and Google Authorship to help your site reach the top of the search result, where it belongs.

Generating leads takes the form of compelling calls-to-action, engaging landing pages that encourage visitors to provide contact information, and customized lead generation forms that ask just the right questions to help you separate the best leads from the looky-loos.

With your leads more ingrained in the inbound marketing sales funnel, providers like HubSpot assesses data from every touchpoint in your content, giving you a better picture of your qualified leads. Once you have this data you can use it to help your sales reps’ job become a lot more productive since their time and efforts are focused on higher quality prospects who are much more likely to convert to customers.

Closing the loop  is the point where your best leads become your new customers. It takes a delicate balance of marketing automation and personalized follow-up to help leads realize the value you offer without the too-obvious sales pitch.

Automated email, based on highly targeted lead information, stands your company apart from the typical “email blast” by pre-qualifying each recipient based on the user’s past interest in your message. Personalized, well-written with relevant content and templated for ease of use, automated email takes your leads forward in the process.

And how are all those tools working for you? Powerful, yet easy-to-use analytic tools track the action on your website or social pages, showing you exactly what kind of content brought in the best leads so that you and your SEO services company can update or revise your site accordingly.

Integration is key

Today, just having a website or a Facebook page isn’t enough. Your marketing efforts must be a seamless whole, with every page delivering relevancy to your target audience while meeting a search engine’s guidelines for valuable content.

Sound challenging? The proven services of your SEO agency and the software created by HubSpot help make your company stand out in a crowded online marketplace, using the tools that work best to meet your unique needs.


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