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Prevounce: Multi-Faceted Marketing Mix Yields Substantial Gains for Healthcare Software Company

Learn how a healthcare software marketing strategy put one company on the map for organic traffic and boosted sales.


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Prevounce is the creator of a robust, multi-faceted clinical wellness platform that supports the delivery of Medicare-eligible services, but the company had a challenge. As a startup in a crowded market, Prevounce needed to gain visibility and reach more customers through organic search. And time was of the essence.

Prevounce Case Study

Spot On met that need and then took it further by crafting a comprehensive multi-level marketing strategy to unify all marketing efforts. The new game plan would not only craft targeted niche content optimized for SEO, but it would also establish a strategy that included website optimization, digital ad placement, and a media and PR campaign.

As a result, Google rankings and non-paid traffic skyrocketed. Perhaps what’s most striking is how these efforts directly translated into more sales: a more than 1,600% increase.

What’s interesting is that Spot On’s unique approach rested on four key pillars, unique to the agency. This case study sheds light on the winning strategies and what made this partnership a success.

With Spot On as their marketing partner, Prevounce gained more than results. They acquired the benefit that comes with an agency that has a deep grasp of the needs of the healthcare software market. This translates into time and cost savings, as Spot On brought a wealth of knowledge and expert writers to the table. Because of this expertise, Spot On hit the ground running on day one without the need for Prevounce to expend a lot of energy introducing the Spot On team to their industry.

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In this case study, we share how a well-crafted marketing strategy can help healthcare software companies gain traction, including:

  • How a content-rich approach propels organic traffic
  • How an engaging website user experience prompts conversion optimization
  • How innovative, out-of-the-box ideas strengthened domain authority
  • How exhaustively covering a topic can deliver dramatic keyword ranking gains
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