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Qualified Lead Generation from Social Media

Susie Kelley
By Susie Kelley on July 02, 2013
Qualified Lead Generation from Social Media

Qualified Lead Generation from Social Media

Susie Kelley
By Susie Kelley on July 02, 2013

qualified lead generation from business blogIf your business is built on the quick sale, then developing leads is probably not for you. But, if your company’s success is dependant on using qualified lead generation to find prospects and develop customers – social media is a part of your marketing strategy that can’t be ignored. 

Why waste time courting a prospect who will never be a customer? Your business’ resources are better-spent developing relationships with your target audience. 

Utilizing Social Media for Qualified Lead Generation

Share Valuable Content

Social media has changed the face of advertising. Customers want more. They expect more. And they’re going to where they can get more. Now, content is king.

These days people want valuable information, not a sales pitch. To use social media for qualified lead generation – you need a content strategy that educates your prospects, inspires them, enlightens them and, at times, entertains them.

Qualified Lead Generation Engages

Ever been on that awkward first date with the man or woman who won’t talk? Chances of date number two are a stretch. It’s pretty hard to have a relationship with someone you don’t talk to. The same is true with a prospect.

The heart and soul of qualified lead generation is developing relationships. Who would you want to date? Someone who’s engaging or someone who just sits there and gives absolutely no feedback?

Social media allows your company to create person-to-person connections. By sharing quality content, asking engaging questions, answering concerns and just generally being available, you prove your worth.  Think of it as courting your audience to entice them to become a customer.

Monitor For Success

Using social media for qualified lead generation requires monitoring. Sharing valuable content and engaging customers is the ticket to success. But, how do you know your social media presence is working? How do you maximize the return on investment (ROI)?

To make sure your social media presence develops qualified leads, analytics are a must. Just like any piece of your business, over time your social media strategy will need to be tweaked, enhanced and/or reworked. Analytics allow you to see what’s working, what isn’t working and what requires more attention. Keeping a sharp eye on what types of online content you generate produces the most interest and then working to produce more of it can lead to results - converting traffic to leads and leads to customers.  Following this practice can be time consuming but it gives you the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

Listen and Respond

In order to use social media for qualified lead generation you will need to pay attention to the conversations taking place on social media platforms and join in (when appropriate). This can give you two significant advantages:

Become a Center of Influence – By providing answers or solutions to prospects without trying to sell, you establish your business as a trustworthy center of influence.

Troubleshooting – Thinking about the negative is never enjoyable, but social media isn’t going away. Your customers and prospects are using it. If you are not monitoring social media channels for negative press, you could face some significant challenges. By listening to conversations and responding promptly in a professional manner to issues that may arise, you can not only work to resolve a particular problem but also illustrate to everyone else who is watching how you conduct business. Often, by being on top of an issue, your company will be able to turn a disadvantage into an advantage by proving you care. 

Remember, using social media for qualified lead generation isn’t about the quick sale or fast ROI. It’s a long-term investment into your company’s marketing success. Every day, more of your prospects are using social media. If you’re not interacting with them, your company is missing out.

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