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eBook: SaaS Marketing Agency Insights: A Guide to Healthcare Marketing Strategy 

Discover how to craft a winning strategy to drive website traffic and convert more leads. 

Is your healthcare SaaS marketing helping you achieve your conversion goals? 

This guide shows you healthcare SaaS marketing mistakes to avoid and signs that indicate your strategy may be in trouble. We'll discuss how to set a solid foundation with a sound approach and align your content with this overarching direction to amplify your results. You'll also get the insider scoop on healthcare digital advertising and learn how to leverage data to make continuous improvements. 

This eBook is perfect if you want to learn:

  • How to tell if your marketing strategy needs a makeover
  • How to develop a robust SaaS healthcare marketing plan
  • What content to produce and how to win the SEO game
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SaaS Marketing Agency Insights: A Guide to Healthcare Marketing Strategy

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What’s Inside

This guide explores how to support your B2B digital marketing strategy with the right content and get it in front of the right prospects to drive website traffic and boost your conversion rates: 

  • How to develop an effective B2B marketing plan and branding strategy
  • How to choose the right topics to support your sales funnel
  • How to leverage data analytics to maximize your results and ROI 

Download this comprehensive guide to see how to up your SaaS marketing approach to target your healthcare audience. 

SaaS Marketing Agency Insights: A Guide to Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Table of Contents

Spot On team members share their from-the-trenches insights to help you find the right prospects and progress them down the sales funnel.

Chapter 1: How to Know if Your Healthcare SaaS Marketing Needs a Different Approach

A healthcare marketing strategy sets the foundation for navigating complex buying group dynamics and staying relevant through the long sales cycle. But is your strategy working for you? Learn the top mistakes to avoid and the telltale signs that it's time for an overhaul.

Chapter 2: Laying the Foundation for a Strong Strategy-First Approach

A marketing plan and a branding strategy are the north star that will guide your marketing tactics and activities. Our team shares their insights, experience, and questions they ask our clients to craft an approach that works for their brands and resonates with their audience.

Chapter 3: Aligning Your Content with Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is highly effective for SaaS healthcare marketing — when done right. What topics should you focus on? What's the role of videos in today's landscape? Here are seven questions every company should ask to guide their content production.

Chapter 4: Positioning Your PPC Efforts to Support Your Strategy

Promoting your content is just as crucial as producing it. However, navigating the choppy PPC and SEO waters is particularly challenging for healthcare companies because of Google's restrictions and privacy concerns. We look under the hood to show you how our experts do it.

Chapter 5: Using Data to Power Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Data analytics can be overwhelming, but not if you know how to extract insights from the right metrics. We discuss the KPIs you should track and how a healthcare SaaS marketing agency can help you leverage these insights to improve your strategy and drive conversions.