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Smart Spots: Setting Up an Email in HubSpot

Watch this week’s Smart Spot for a step-by-step guide on setting up an email in HubSpot.

So you have an awesome email template, but you’re not sure how to get it ready for send? Luckily, the email tool in HubSpot is an easy, straightforward way to draft and send emails from your business. Once you have all of the information you’d like to include, it’s only a matter of plugging it in to your template.

While email templates may vary, the process is pretty much the same. I’ve also written out the steps below if you need to make a quick reference in the future. 

Step 1: Introductory Text

Copy and paste introductory text in the “Main Email Body” module. Remove any extra spaces that appear from pasting the text.

Step 2: Blog Articles

  1. Add the image. Make sure it’s the size that works best for your email template. Select the image module, click “Choose image.” Search for your image, click on it, and then click the “Use Image” button. Add a link to the image by adding the URL of the blog post to the “Link URL” box in the options menu.
  1. Add the blog title. Copying and pasting the title may cause loss of formatting. To avoid this, open the source code and place the title between the code brackets.
  1. Add the blog blurb text. Since this text is plain and not formatted, it’s okay to copy and paste.
  1. Add a link to your blog article after the blurb text so people can read the full article.

Repeat the above steps until you have added all of the blog articles you’d like to include.

Step 3: Call-to-Action

Click on the call-to-action module and search for the CTA you’d like to appear at the bottom of your email.

Step 4: Social Sharing (Optional)

If you like, add the option to share your email on social for others to see.

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