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Smart Spots

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Smart Spots: Setting Up Chatflows in HubSpot

Watch this week's Smart Spot to learn how to set up a chatflow in HubSpot. 

Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial marketing rock, you have - at a minimum - heard about chatbots and their tremendous potential for increasing conversions on your website. 

Personally, these little guys have become my latest obsession. But, before you start adding them willy-nilly to your site, taking time out for a little planning will go a long way – and start small. For all the great things they can do, they are absolutely not a replacement for good ole human interaction and treating them as such is a recipe for disaster.

Watch the video for a quick behind-the-scenes look at how to use HubSpot’s Chatflows tool.

Start with the Plan

1. Which pages actually need chat?

This is by far the best place to start. Evaluate based on traffic as well as what the page is about. Here are a few we recommend considering for chat:

  • Blog pages - have the bot assist with a subscription.
  • Contact us pages - give the visitor an option to "skip the form" and go straight to talking to someone in real time. You can still qualify them and find out what their questions are prior to handing them off to a real person.
  • Product or Services pages - bots can assist with scheduling a demo through the book a meeting tool, hand off to person, or offer up your most popular resources to engage them further.

2. What's the goal?

Once you've determined which pages chat should appear on, spend some time thinking about the end goal.

  • Is handing them off to a live person the best plan?
  • Do you actually have people who are going to make themselves available online to chat with website visitors?
  • What times of day will they be available and what happens when they are offline?
  • Is it better to offer the option to book a meeting directly with a salesperson?

3. Make your plan

Though it's not the sexiest way to do it, using a good old fashioned spreadsheet is the easiest way to plan out the bot messages and their associated actions. This is especially helpful if you have to have others review and edit the messages before they go live.


Chatflows planning spreadsheet


Using the Chatflows tool in HubSpot

Now that you have a plan for your messages and the pages they will go on, you're ready to get started with Chatflows and build your bot.

1. Create chatflow

This is where you'll select if you want to qualify leads or book a meeting. (You also have the option to create a Support bot if you subscribe to HubSpot Service Hub.)

2. Determine who will see it

You may not want everyone to see the same message when they arrive on the page. Under the "Who" tab you can select the audience you want to show the message to as well as who you'd like to hide it from completely. Perhaps your message isn't a fit for someone who is already a customer OR maybe you only want to show it to customers. You can do that here.

3. Select the pages

You have already determined which page you want the message to be on, but you need to add the page URL(s) to the "When" tab.

4. Add actions

I always save this for the last step since it requires the most thought and testing. Whether you select a leads bot or a meeting bot, HubSpot will automatically add in certain actions such as "Get Email" and "Get Name". You can easily edit or delete any of these actions in the "Build" tab.

Change your messages to personalize for the page that they are on and the action you want the person to take. One important note: If you're handing off to a live person as part of your action plan, make certain that the person signs in and out of HubSpot each day. Currently, when a bot is being utilized the hours of availability that you have established in your inbox settings may not function as expected.

5. Test. Test. Test.

Once you have all of your actions in place, be sure to test the bot before you turn it on. If you have conditional statements in place, test for every scenario. I've had many occasions where the conversation just ended because I didn't have the if/then statements quite right.

Using Chatflows on your website will not only enhance the user experience of visitors to your website, it can also increase conversions by providing the right information at the right time.

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