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Steps to Choosing a Mobile Website Design Company

80% of mobile sites are not productive because the business owner neglects to use best practices when choosing a mobile website design company. Indeed, it's difficult to make an educated choice among providers without knowing the process and steps. Here's a few things to consider;

choosing-mobile-website-vendorDefine Your Requirements

Before choosing a mobile website design company, request bids from several candidates, and critique prior work on mobile sites they’ve developed. Next, have a conference to define your needs so that the mobile web development team can analyze the best way to approach your project.

This step is important because if you don't build the site for the right people, you'll never be able to captivate a crowd, nor fully convince anyone to buy your products and services. It should sycnronize with the inbound marketing techniques you're using with you primary website.

The Design

The credibility of your business largely depends on the design of your website. This is what gives confidence to your visitor. If the design of your website is not professional enough or user-friendly, you lose money because your audience will become frustrated and may doubt your credibility. It's not just about having it look nice, inbound marketers apply specific strategy to what goes where and spell out exactly what they want the visitor to do next. Each page has a purpose and most, if not all, pages have a call to action.  Being clear about how visitors can find what they need on your website keeps them from bouncing away in frustration thinking you don't have what they're looking for.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile websites can be challenging for consumers; typing their contact information into certain devices, and oftentimes, the pages load slower, depending on that device.  Sometimes, once an action like completing a form is completed the follow through just doesn't happen.  Unfortunately, consumers don't see this as their problem, it becomes yours. All the more reason to scrutinize the methodology before choosing your mobile website design company. Think about how you want customers to engage and take steps to make sure their expectations are being met by your website. 

Follow-up to Analyze and Optimize

Your website is complete and it's gone live. Now you want to know what value it creates for your business. In other words, where is your money going? Your mobile website design firm should use analytical tools to measure your ROI. Without follow-up with analysis tools you are not able to optimize the performance of your website to ensure you're reaching your local market.  Analysis is a crucial aspect of inbound marketing and your mobile marketing efforts should go hand in hand with the strategy you apply to your entire marketing picture.  All signs should ultimately be pointing to basically the same things.  Capturing qualified leads is the primary function of your online presence in every instance, it is merely the mechanics and tactics that vary.

Quality and price of the service

Trying to save money on a Web project is almost certainly going to be at the expense of quality. Today, the race for cheaper is definitely a common goal. However, the price should not be the main criterion for choosing a mobile web design company. This one element can very well determine the success of your project.  Instead examine for value.  How much is a qualified lead worth to your business? Make the calculation and examine for ROI liklihood.  What works with your other marketing efforts? Can you apply the same concepts here in the mobile environment? Go with your best odds for accumulating more leads.

To sum it up, before choosing your mobile design website company, consider the following: 

  • The company should begin by analyzing the various devices and browsers that access your website

  • They should advise which of your pages to display on the mobile site and in what order

  • How to overcome the challenges of a mobile "contact us" page that requires customers to submit information

  • The company should have a clear strategy to developing your SEO to maximize visibility within local markets

  • The company should explain responsive web design to ensure your website can adapt to the device your audience will use.

Before Signing the Contract

You should feel comfortable and confident you are choosing a mobile website design company that will meet your needs. Often, business owners move forward with projects even though questions linger. This is a crucial mistake and you should always go with your gut feeling.

Before signing your contract, ask your mobile web development team to provide a proposal that details each phase and milestone of your project. Moreover, ask to split payments according to the completed milestones.

Be sure to ask where your mobile website "lives" on the Internet.  Make sure your company has ownership and your site won't be subject to disappear for any reason sometime in the future (for example, if you don't pay hosting fees to them or continue on some kind of retainer program with them or if they ever go out of business).

Proactive communication is always a problem-solver, so embrace this rule before choosing a mobile website design company.  Finally, make absolutely sure that the mobile version of your site fits nicely into your overall inbound marketing strategy rather than ending up with a split approach that creates headaches and more work for your staff to manage things over the the long term.

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