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The 8 Best Blogs for SaaS Startups

Susie Kelley
By Susie Kelley on March 17, 2017
The 8 Best Blogs for SaaS Startups
The 8 Best Blogs for SaaS Startups

The 8 Best Blogs for SaaS Startups

Susie Kelley
By Susie Kelley on March 17, 2017

Reading blogs is a smart (and free) way to get better at what you do. Blogs offer loads of topic-specific advice and often provide "learn from my mistakes" or "here's what works for us" styled tidbits that can shift the way you plan and grow your company's next moves.

8 of the Best SaaS Blogs Out There

Since Time = Money, we've saved you valuable time by selecting eight of the best SaaS blogs out there. Add any one of these to your daily rotation and you're sure to glean helpful ideas and tips - some of which might be game-changing.


The SaaStr site began as "just a blog," written by SaaS entrepreneur, Jason Lemkin. He's the founder of not one, but two SaaS startups, including Ecosign - eventually acquired by Adobe. Lemkin is a SaaS consultant superstar, runs this blog-turned-website and hosts an annual SaaSter conference. SaaStr shares insights, recommendations, lessons and stories on an almost daily basis. You might have already caught one of his posts on Quora, where he's considered a "top writer."

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Great ideas people don't always make great people people, and the discrepancy can affect business internally and externally. The folks at the successful SaaS startup ToTango are wholly dedicated to improving the customer experience. If this is a struggle in your business, or if your company's focus to-date has been more product- than people-based, this blog offers valuable perspective. You'll learn more about customer service, and the same tips are applicable in creating a positive, healthy and dynamic employee company culture.

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OpenView Labs

This blog serves as an extension of OpenView Ventures (they refer to it as their value-add arm). OpenView Labs is entirely focused on helping expansion stage, B2B software companies and their blogs are chock-full of insight and expertise. In addition to that gold mine, we're fans of the blog's neat and tidy layout, which makes it easier to find blogs pertaining to your specific interests: product, marketing, finance & operations, sales and more.

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Sales Hacker

So venture capital is important (often the topic of blogs on the aforementioned SaaStr blog), but sometimes the capital just ain't there yet. If that's the case, sales reps must be quick, effective and innovative. Sales Hacker offers advice for both owners and reps to maximize ROI with minimum I(nvestment).

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Tomasz Tunguz

Do you tend to shy away from analytics? Many entrepreneurs do, but it's such a huge mistake since learning what works, and what doesn't, in this digital age requires exceptional analytics skills. Tomasz Tunguz is an analysis treasure-trove, and by reading his blogs - and absorbing his well-explained charts and graphs - you'll glean important tips along with an unwitting metrics familiarity.

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These are 5 of our favorites, and together they sum up the basic parts of the universal whole when it comes to the best SaaS blogs.

Here are three more we feel are worth a read if you have the time:

Which inspiring SaaS blogs populate your daily read list? We'd love to hear about them.

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