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The Secret Formula to Drive the Success of Your SaaS Company

Susie Kelley
By Susie Kelley on March 04, 2016
The Secret Formula to Drive the Success of Your SaaS Company
The Secret Formula to Drive the Success of Your SaaS Company

The Secret Formula to Drive the Success of Your SaaS Company

Susie Kelley
By Susie Kelley on March 04, 2016

The SaaS industry and its overall success are here to stay. With experts projecting revenue to reach $106B this year, the field shows no signs of stopping. As new companies enter the industry, competition increases, and businesses are looking for a way to ensure success.

It’s time to reveal our secret formula to make 2016 your SaaS company’s most successful year yet. It includes smart SaaS marketing tactics, sales team integration, and well-organized web content.

Bring In Your Sales Team

There seems to be a pervasive myth that sales and marketing departments must function as separate entities. However, that idea couldn’t be further from the truth. For SaaS companies in particular, sales teams need to be integral parts of your inbound marketing process. Without their involvement, how else will you convert leads into genuine customers?

A good inbound SaaS marketing plan includes plenty of value given away for free such as solution-based articles, how-to blog posts, and explainer video content. You’ll also want to create gated content; this is where your sales team will be particularly useful.

What kind of premium content is juicy enough to persuade a lead to share their contact information? Ask you sales team which customer problems are most common and offer real solutions in your gated content.

Bring in your keyword audit strategy by always speaking the language of your customers. The insights from your sales team will help you to identify the keywords people use when talking about problems as they relate to your expertise and services.

Leverage Well-Organized Website Content

No one enjoys navigating a corn maze of a website. Too many twists and turns leave your visitors scrambling to click “X” and move on. Well-organized website content keeps visitors happy and in turn, meets Google’s quality user experience standards.

There’s a science to making it easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for. Keep your most important pages just a click or two (or maybe three) away from your home page. By that we mean creating hubs to connect to child pages, which give deeper insights into topics.

Your keyword audit will highlight those primary keywords needed for the most important pages on your website.

This strategy delivers a logical, easy-to-follow path for visitors.

3. Take Leads Through the Buyer’s Journey

Top of the funnel content is often the easiest to create and attracts visitors who have an interest in the topic at hand. However, to convert leads, you’ll need to take those visitors through the buyer’s journey with middle and bottom of the funnel offers.

Keep these best practices in mind as work on your SaaS marketing plan:

  • Offer more and more value as your lead progresses through the funnel.
  • Check analytics to determine performance of campaign including blog views, CTA clicks, and SEO.
  • Bring in PPC and retargeting ads as your campaign develops.
  • Use email marketing to nurture streams of leads.

Now that you’re equipped with our secret formula, dive deeper with our SEO Keyword Audit Instruction Manual for Inbound Marketing, perfect for SaaS companies like yours:

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