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What We're Working On: Using AI in Marketing

At Spot On, we love to share new advances that may benefit our clients. One of the latest technologies we get questions about is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI will revolutionize how companies do business, and one software developer is making quite a splash with Frase. Frase (pronounced “phrase”) is an Answer Engine Optimization platform that companies can utilize to ensure visitors to their website get their questions answered quickly and accurately.

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What is AI Marketing? Here's What Marketers Should Know

Artificial Intelligence. AI. We’ve all seen the movies where robotic AI armies rise against humanity, but thankfully those situations are (at present), purely fictional.

AI technology, however, is influencing almost every sector of our economy, from manufacturing to agriculture to healthcare to IT to communications—and of course, marketing. “Marketing?” you might ask. “What is AI marketing?” It’s a question we’ll answer here, but you might also want to take that question one step further by asking, “How can I put AI-powered marketing to work on my behalf?” Spot On can help you with solutions for that as well—read on!

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Software