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Blog Design Breakdown

Posted by Erica Pierce

Feb 8, 2016 8:00:00 AM

SpotOn_7KeyElements_BlogGraphic_FeaturedImage.jpgYou’ve mastered the first step of inbound marketing: increasing web traffic by using great content and a mixture of SEO tactics. Since blogs are often the entrance point to a website for organic traffic, you need to ensure your blog design has the ability to engage and convert visitors. According to Google Analytics, in 2015 blogs had the highest bounce rate compared to all other website pages at 70-98%. So how can you convince readers to stay once on your blog once they’ve arrived, and how do you move them further along the inbound process?

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3 Traits of Every Successful SaaS Marketing Blog

Posted by Lisa Isbell

Jul 31, 2015 8:00:00 AM

The Good News: Research by Compass finds that the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) industry is growing three times faster than software as a whole - and IDC predicts that SaaS-based enterprise will generate revenues upwards of $50 billion dollars by the year 2018, almost doubling SaaS applications market revenues from 2013.

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How to Blog: 8 Blog Tips All Beginners Must Know

Posted by Rebecca Graves

Apr 2, 2013 8:13:00 AM

According to the inbound marketing gurus at HubSpot, as of 2010, websites with blogs netted 55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages than non-blogging sites.

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Blogging for Business - An important part of getting found online

Posted by Susie Kelley

Mar 22, 2013 1:22:00 PM

What would you rather see – engaging, informative facts or advice about something of interest to you, or a sales pitch from a company you never heard of?

Multiply your likely answer by the vast millions of web users, and you can see why blogging for business needs to be a vital part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

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