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Can a CRM Help You Write Sales Emails Buyers Want to Respond To?

Historically, marketing emails were created - and sent - from the marketer's perspective. Sure, we valiantly attempted to figure out what our leads wanted to read, but the emails were still created and generated from the perspective of what we wanted to share about our products and services.

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Insider Software Marketing Secrets: Buying Email Lists

When it comes to building an audience for your inbound marketing campaign, it's all about audacity.

You've got to be bold. You've got to use best practices. And whatever you do, you must fight the temptation to take the easy way out—even if thousands of email contacts are only a credit card swipe away. Yes, it can be incredibly tempting to buy an email list to support your software marketing efforts. But it's always a bad idea. 

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8 Ways to Grow Your Software Marketing Email List Organically

When it comes to email marketing, your efforts are only as good as your email list.

Sure, you can take the easy way out and buy or rent yourself a list. But that's a surefire way to put your IP address in the crosshairs of anti-spam crusaders. The truth is, successfully integrating an email campaign into your comprehensive inbound marketing strategy doesn't typically come to those who take the easy route. No, successful software marketing email campaigns come to those who build their email lists organically, methodically, and over time.

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7 Amazing Goals That Can Be Accomplished via Healthcare Email Marketing

You have big goals for your healthcare marketing campaign. From engagement to personalization, you’re setting your sights high, and the sky’s the limit. A set of high-reaching goals is the ideal place to begin a successful healthcare marketing campaign.

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5 Email Marketing Challenges and What to Do About Them

Email marketing is a fantastic way to reach prospective customers. However, just like any other means of advertising, it has its own nuanced challenges. Below we take a look at some of the most common email marketing obstacles and explain what can be done to overcome them.

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Will the word "free" boost or kill your e-mail marketing objectives?

Free: the most powerful word in the selling universe! At least that’s the accepted wisdom handed down by generations of advertisers and marketers.

In everyday life, the word sure has drawing power. Consider how hard it is to avoid a farmers-market table full of “free samples” or pass by a theater offering “free admission.”

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Grow Your Business with Targeted Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing

If the word “blast” always accompanies “email” in your digital marketing strategy, maybe it’s time to get a new strategy.  It is time for targeted email marketing and lead nurturing.

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Software