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Patient Testimonials Help Put a Human Face on Your Healthcare Service

Healthcare software exists in a state of oxymoron; Healthcare is seen as very human, digital software less so. Similarly, the people who create phenomenal software are often introverts who prefer to keep to themselves or within very small circles. That can make it difficult to approach healthcare SaaS marketing with the very extroverted sales strategies required by marketing and sales.

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Modern Healthcare Marketing Strategies

healthcaremarketing resized 600Every day, professionals inquire about modern healthcare marketing strategies in hopes of attracting leads and growing their customer base.

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What Do Your Patients Want From Your Brand?

There's a dearth of information available on how to develop your brand; you want to be unique, memorable, engaging, distinguished and associated with positive recognition. Those are certainly goals worth striving for.

However, healthcare marketing is doubly successful when brand development flips upside down. Instead of focusing on the effect you want your brand to have on others, direct intentions towards deciphering what others want from your brand.

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Improving the Return on Investment for Healthcare Marketing

To better understand ROI in healthcare marketing, start with this analogy …

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5 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Your Healthcare Practice

Modern healthcare marketing demands that you are just that - Modern. In the midst of the great SEO and inbound marketing strategies marketers employ, they must also keep up with the mobile era. Separate from texting and searching, consumers love their mobile phone apps.

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