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B2B SaaS Marketing to Healthcare Customers: Why SEO is Key to Success

Did you know that the Software as a Service (SaaS) market is currently estimated to be worth $123 billion dollars? According to a report by Financial News Media, it’s also expected to exceed $305 Billion by 2026.

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Why an Effective SEO Strategy is Crucial for Your Website

Lately, we’ve been sharing quite a bit about best practices when it comes to website design. From responsive design to building an effective website strategy, these articles have addressed questions and challenges specifically related to design and development.

While not exclusively a web design topic, search engine optimization (SEO) strategy isn’t something that companies should ignore, especially as it relates to a new website design.

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How to Utilize Topic Clusters in Your Content Marketing Strategy

While we’ve talked about topic clusters a little bit in previous blog posts, we haven’t shared the whole process of how topic clusters can be created and then turned into pillar content. Discover how topic clusters can be used in your content marketing strategy. 

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How to Create an SEO Driven Content Strategy for Healthcare Tech

Now more than ever, content should play a vital role in your SEO strategy. For healthcare tech companies, it's essential to ensure that your website and content are optimized so that potential customers can find your solutions. 

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How Digital Presence Affects Local Search for Your Business

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your company’s digital presence is an essential way in which customers and future customers find and perceive your business. However, many companies have inaccurate information online – and might not even know it.   
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Why a Good Content Marketing Strategy is Your Best SEO Strategy

Ever worked with web developers or SEO experts that promise to put you on page one of Google?

Hopefully you didn't have to learn the hard way that there are no easy fixes for getting your company found. In fact, trying to improve your SEO using shortcuts and black hat SEO strategies could result in major penalties 
from Google and other search engines.
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How to Get Found Online - Top SEO Tips You Can Do Yourself

Get to the top of Google: the prime directive of every web page owner. Of course, multiply that goal by untold millions of pages, and you can understand why getting top SEO results is a challenge. But you can take steps to improve your rankings.
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3 Dirty Little Secrets of Effective Web Design and SEO

The world of web design and SEO changes at supersonic speed. What was once golden is now tarnished; the rules of the game are seemingly updated at whim.

Do you ever feel like everyone knows something you don't?

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Blog Design Breakdown

You’ve mastered the first step of inbound marketing: increasing web traffic by using great content and a mixture of SEO tactics. Since blogs are often the entrance point to a website for organic traffic, you need to ensure your blog design has the ability to engage and convert visitors. According to Google Analytics, in 2015 blogs had the highest bounce rate compared to all other website pages at 70-98%. So how can you convince readers to stay once on your blog once they’ve arrived, and how do you move them further along the inbound process?

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The Secret Weapon of SEO: Win the Online Battle For New Clients

For any business to survive, it needs to maintain a consistent stream of customers... new customers... repeat customers... delighted customers!

But since every other business in your industry is also striving to attract the same attention as you, what will it take to set your business apart? What weapon is in your arsenal that will help you win the battle for these potential customers?

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Performance Boosting Tips To Improve Your Blog's Competitive Edge

You have a website up and running, and you are now launching your first blog. Congratulations! A website with a quality blog is an enormous strategic advantage when used properly. The internet has become the most common first-effort search for people looking for insider views, tips, and tutorials for their personal and professional pain points, and search engines are constantly on the lookout for relevant resources that can provide solutions.

There are a number of ways sharpen your blog’s competitive inbound marketing edge when it comes to attracting these visitors to your site:

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Online Marco Polo: How to Use SEO to be Found

Have you ever considered how similar your website's SEO is to playing a game of "Marco Polo" with your customers?

Marco Polo is like a game of hide and seek, with one blindfolded person (the Seeker) calling out "Marco!" and the other players (the Hiders) scattered around the Seeker, all calling back "Polo!" at the same time. The Seeker then listens for the closest responding voices, giving those children his or her closest attention, and then continues calling out "Marco!" using the "Polo!" callbacks as a sort of sonar, moving closer and closer until he or she gets close enough to tag the nearest hiding player.

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S.O.S.! Help Customers Find My Business in the Online Jungle!

If you're finding it difficult to make your business known in the ever-growing online environment, it might be time for you to learn a little more about inbound marketing. This strategy for marketing has subtlety and helpfulness at its heart and will require a shift in your expectations. Since it is a unique formula for every business, having it deliver measurable results takes a little trial and error at first in order to establish a firm foundation.

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The SEO Game Has Changed... Here's How to Keep Up

shutterstock_115668976Modern day search engine optimization, commonly referred to as "SEO," is no longer the same as it used to be. SEO makes up a big component of inbound marketing in the digital age. Rather than take out expensive advertising space on billboards, TV channels, magazines and other conventional forms of media, inbound marketing focuses on improving search engine hits, emphasizing social media content, and building a solid e-mail marketing campaign and an information website/blog. Today's SEO, when part of inbound strategy, is highly focused on attracting marketing qualified leads with higher odds of converting to customers by shaping web content to marketing personas. This is creates a more personal experience for site visitors than simply aiming at a target niche, and the high level use of marketing demographics to shape the content. SEO today is being mandated to deliver the highest quality user experience zeroing in on being helpful to those who have a genuine need or desire for the company's products.

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3 Traits of Every Successful SaaS Marketing Blog

The Good News: Research by Compass finds that the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) industry is growing three times faster than software as a whole - and IDC predicts that SaaS-based enterprise will generate revenues upwards of $50 billion dollars by the year 2018, almost doubling SaaS applications market revenues from 2013.

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After 4-21-15 Will Your Website Show Up In Search Results?

Google has announced, effective April 21, 2015, that they will actively punish websites that are not optimized for mobile devices by not displaying them in search results for people using these devices. 

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How We Write Blog Articles for Niche Industries


How Can You Write for My Business?

When talking to prospective clients, something I hear frequently is, “We can’t have a blog! We don’t have time to write them and you can’t write for us, because my business is too complex. You just don’t understand it.”

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3 Reasons Why SEO Still Matters

I really wish I had a nickel for everytime I've seen articles over the last couple of years speculating about whether or not SEO still matters?  Let's just say there are MANY and they feature widely varied opinions. Of course the opinions are often attached to the professional role of the writer. If making a living as an SEO professional of course it makes sense to assure everyone it is at the heart of online marketing success. If SEO is applied with less enthusiasm you might be singing a few lines from the Wizard of Oz ~ "Ding dong the witch is dead" as you craft a post laying out a case for moving on to something else.

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SEO Self Check: Is Your Company Making these 8 SEO Mistakes

Let’s face it: being found in organic search is the Holy Grail of online marketing. Everything we do on our websites is to assist in that effort. But are you making mistakes that are affecting your results, or worse, actually penalizing your site?

Perform a quick self-check and make sure that your company isn’t making one of these eight SEO mistakes. These tips apply to all of the pages on your site including landing pages and blog pages. 

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Keyword Ranking: I Want My Business to Rank Number 1 on Google

I am a content marketer if you want to put things in simple terms.  I help businesses identify their marketing personas, guide business owners down a path for building sound strategy for their online presence and then work to implement content to generate leads, acquire new customers and retain them. The correct term for this whole process is inbound marketing but many people are not yet familiar with the term or the process.

The content I'm involved in creating is specifically for the identified marketing personas of the client. Producing this kind of content obviously requires the first, most basic step in inbound marketing - identify, in detail, the marketing personas.

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Raw SEO Services Aren't Enough

For years, one of the premier names in SEO services was known as SEOmoz. Today? Just call ‘em Moz

This company had a raft of reasons for the rebranding – everything from the hard pronunciation of “SEO” to the launch of Moz Analytics for single-platform inbound services – but their rationale basically came down to this: everything we thought we knew about inbound is evolving. 

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What You Don't Know About SEO Services Can Kill Your Business

The first adopters of Facebook were teens and college students. Today, adults comprise the biggest audience, and marketers embrace social media with enthusiasm.

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Business Alert: Google Changes Impact 90% of Search Queries

If you're trying to stay competitive these days and have come to the realization that your online presence isn't...well, present. Part of the reason could be the sweeping changes that have come about in the world of online search.  Specifically, gradual changes Google has been implementing a little at a time toward some major announcements throughout 2013.  

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SEO Services Include a Plan for Mobile Website Traffic

If the first image that comes to mind when you hear “Internet user” is someone sitting at a desk, moving a mouse around and staring at a 17-inch monitor, then your imagination is due for a reboot. Today’s users – from casual shoppers to healthcare patients – are just as likely to be tapping as they are clicking.

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The Best SEO Companies DON'T Promise Search Engine Rank

In recent years, search engine optimization companies claiming genius qualities exponentially grew, leaving many business owners questioning how to select among the best SEO companies.

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Keyword Ranking for Small Business SEO

If you’ve built a website for your business, invested in a top-notch web design agency, created strong calls to action and provided interesting content, but you’re not getting a positive return on your investment because prospective customers just aren’t visiting your site, you’re not alone.  

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Keyword Ranking is More Than Finding the Right Words

Updated for 2015: Improving your search engine optimization (SEO) is about more than keywords.  These days it is about the comprehensive user experience for your website, as well as the keywords.

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Local Business SEO: 5 Simple Things You Must Do Now

No matter how large the company or whether its B2C or B2B, at its foundation every business is a local business. This is especially true in areas like healthcare services, where people come for hands-on help.

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What Does Google Say About the Future of Keyword Ranking

The “stay tuned” and “coming soon” messages began hitting the Internet marketing sites in spring 2013 – a new generation of Google’s spam-stalking Penguin algorithm was about to be introduced, and with it some other updates to the search engine giant that can take your marketing forward and help you work better with your SEO agency with your keyword ranking efforts.

The take-away from all the hype was that the new iterations would have an impact on search engine optimization (SEO) by further rewarding high-quality sites and downgrading those that engage in less-than-ethical tactics.

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Local Search Engine Optimization: Why Is It So Important?

When it comes to getting found online – by Google, Bing and the people who use them – you have, essentially, one shot. If your site isn’t up there on page 1 for all to see, it’s a given that nobody’s going to look on page 2 or beyond.

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Stay the Course! Panic and Keyword Ranking Strategy Don't Mix

You’ve heard about SEO and keyword ranking – and their importance to your overall marketing strategy – but if you’re still on the fence about inbound marketing, it may be because of a still- nagging question: how long until I see ROI? 

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The Best SEO Companies Apply Inbound Marketing Strategy

Everyone who tells you something like, “The Internet changed today’s marketing” got it wrong if they’re putting it in the past-tense. The truth is, “Today’s marketing is still changing and will continue changing.”

As technology evolves and the digital revolution continues its hold on consumers, it’s up to the best SEO companies to work side by side with their clients to navigate these uncertain but exciting waters.

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How to Find An Affordable SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool that has revolutionized on-line marketing and sales for the last decade, increasing the growth of companies and corporate entities through e-commerce, engaging on-line communities in the accessibility of viable markets for products and services.

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Is Google the IRS of the Internet for Keyword Ranking?

Probably one of the first outside professionals your business contracted with was an accountant or tax professional. Most executives aren’t familiar with the intricacies of the Internal Revenue Code, and if you did invest the time to learn the thousands of pages of rules that might impact your business, they’d inevitably change.  

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Local Search Engine Optimization Should Not Be Ignored

There seems to be a lot of confusion from business owners, both large and small, about search engines. There is a good reason for this. Search engines are complicated! Business owners and entrepreneurs already have enough on their plates just trying to run their own business. Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a particular area that should not be ignored.

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What You Need to Know About Keyword Ranking

How does your website measure up in the online search results? The answer lies in the keywords you rank for, the ones that bring your content in front of people when they search using those words. It’s part of the time-consuming yet highly-rewarding process called keyword ranking.

The goal is to rank at the lowest number possible for keywords you’re targeting, keywords that are valuable to your business. The ranking number equals your position in the lineup of links delivered by search engines when people search for something on the Internet.  Keywords ranking 1 through 10 are delivered on the first page and this is the best case scenario.

Here’s a comprehensive look at the process.

The rationale

Why would you spend time and money ranking for keywords, anyway? Because Google and other search engines generate more traffic to your website and will directly affect your lead generation and conversion results. This should be compelling enough even for beginners to try to rank for the search engines. Research has already shown that about half of searchers click on a result on the first page. If your site appears on the top pages, then users are likely to find you easily. If you don’t rank, you’re either making it hard for potential customers to find you online or making it easy for competitors to outrank you.

The keywords

Of course keywords are the raw materials of keyword ranking. Be sure you’re aiming for the right keywords. More often than not, people are more interested in guessing at what keywords their target audience use. Many more heavily depend on free keyword suggestion tools, which are often too limited to lead to meaningful results. You can try free tools such as Google’s Keyword Tool but don’t forget that these might only scratch the surface. Since there’s no way for you to measure how relevant these general keywords are, relying on them won’t give you a competitive edge.

Many premium keyword research tools can be tested for free within 30 days. See them in action and check how they compare with each other. Whatever tool you choose, make sure to list down relevant keywords based on accurate, current and private data. It helps to make an additional list of keywords that are closely similar to your set of primary keywords.

If you want to go beyond the basics, you can try keyword ranking for long-tail keywords. These are actually phrases, a collection of words that are more precise, less common and less competitive. They’re more targeted and are likely to reveal what searchers are actually looking for. Master long-tail keywords so you can better serve searchers and potential customers with good content tailored to their searches.

The plan

Your keywords are only as good as your keyword ranking plan. Don’t rush your initial keyword research without laying the groundwork first. Check if you have a strong website or landing page, one that attracts visitors or delivers a compelling call-to-action to your target audience. Also, make sure your plan aligns with your business model. Check again if all your keywords are relevant to your website. If you’re driving the wrong traffic to your website, then there’s no real return on your keyword ranking efforts.

Once you’re sure that you have the right mix of keywords, it’s time to conceptualize the content that will hopefully lead to the rank for your target keywords. Here’s a variety of content you can create:

  • an article or blog post

  • a press release

  • a product page

  • a landing page

  • an index or directory of links

  • an infographic

  • a newsletter

  • a video

You can start with any of these and publish them within the day.  Remember, it is an ongoing process and will require patience and regular attention.  How much time it takes depends on a number of variables; the strength of your competition, how well your keywords lend themselves to the creation of good content and how quickly you can generate a large volume of it. Don't worry, the rewards are worth the effort and will come in time if you stay committed to the process.

Thinking of a Pay-Per-Click campaign to buy keyword ranking? Download our free eBook to find out what you should know before you do.

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Best SEO Tasks: 3 You Should Do FIRST

Nowadays, technology has already spread throughout every aspect of our lives. To stay ahead of your competition, you are forced to utilize the best of the best strategies and a lot of meticulous planning. There are a wide variety of internet marketing strategies that were developed with an aim to help small business stay on the track of progress. One of the best and most useful being search engine optimization (SEO); with its help you can directly connect to your customers all over the globe.

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How SEO is Evolving

Back in the day – maybe five or ten years ago – SEO mainly consisted of loading a website full of keywords and hoping they stuck with the Google search engine.

But just as you can’t get along with just a website today, you can’t depend only on a search engine to get SEO results. “A lot of website owners see search engine optimization as the answer to their search ranking woes, when things are considerably more complex,” notes Paul Boag in Smashing Magazine.

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How SEO Services Convert Website Visits to Sales

SEO services? Isn’t that just thinking up a couple of keywords and sprinkling them in some website pages?

Not if you’re serious about attracting visitors to your website, nurturing them into qualified leads, and finally converting the best leads into customers. To compete in today’s lively, ever-evolving inbound marketing environment, you need the nimble and flexible services that an experienced SEO consultant can deliver.

Consultation and Assessment

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How to Blog: 8 Blog Tips All Beginners Must Know

According to the inbound marketing gurus at HubSpot, as of 2010, websites with blogs netted 55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages than non-blogging sites.

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Blogging for Business: An Important Part of Getting Found Online

What would you rather see – engaging, informative facts or advice about something of interest to you, or a sales pitch from a company you never heard of?

Multiply your likely answer by the vast millions of web users, and you can see why blogging for business needs to be a vital part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

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Need to Increase Web Traffic? Content is King

Technology hasn’t just changed the way B2B and B2C business gets conducted – it’s changed the way people look at marketing in general.

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Good Keywords are Not That Hard to Find: 5 Keyword Considerations

Someone out there is looking for you – how easy are you to find?

The typical web user begins and ends his search with the first page of Google results (and, to a much lesser extent, the second page).  And so the keyword ranking obsession begins.

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Top Tips on How to Increase Web Traffic

Updated 2015: Part of any well thought out marketing strategy includes a website. A site on its own, however, is not enough. You must also understand how to increase web traffic to your site so that your message is seen by your target audience.

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Inbound Marketing: The Investment That Keeps on Giving

It goes without saying that marketing is an investment in the growth of your business. Some investments, such as a conference sponsorship or a radio advertisement, are by nature short-term.  You gain brand recognition through the exposure and possibly sales in the short-term, but most of the impact is concentrated in the moment.

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Want to Use Your Website for Lead Generation? Content is King

In a perfect world, none of us would have to cold call, attend networking events, work a booth at trade show - none of that - our ideal customers would simply email or call us when they are ready to buy, right? Is this utopia even possible? Yes! Well, at least to some extent. (Sorry - you'll probably still have to attend networking events.)

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DIY Online Marketing and Social Media...Can You Do It?

do_it_yourselfWith all of the new tools, software and social media channels that seem to be appearing almost daily, business owners have the ability to do their own marketing more effectively than ever. More than once I have heard business owners say, "I don't need to spend my cash having an agency do social media for me...all I need to do is spend a little time and I can do it myself."

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Want More Customers? Optimize your Company's LinkedIn Profile

describe the imageHave you noticed?  LinkedIn has made a few changes to the design of their company pages. It's important for your page to be set up to optimize its effect on visitors and help you get more customers.

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Software