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How to Get Found Online - Top SEO Tips You Can Do Yourself

Get to the top of Google: the prime directive of every web page owner. Of course, multiply that goal by untold millions of pages, and you can understand why getting top SEO results is a challenge. But you can take steps to improve your rankings.
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3 Dirty Little Secrets of Effective Web Design and SEO

The world of web design and SEO changes at supersonic speed. What was once golden is now tarnished; the rules of the game are seemingly updated at whim.

Do you ever feel like everyone knows something you don't?

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Blog Design Breakdown

You’ve mastered the first step of inbound marketing: increasing web traffic by using great content and a mixture of SEO tactics. Since blogs are often the entrance point to a website for organic traffic, you need to ensure your blog design has the ability to engage and convert visitors. According to Google Analytics, in 2015 blogs had the highest bounce rate compared to all other website pages at 70-98%. So how can you convince readers to stay once on your blog once they’ve arrived, and how do you move them further along the inbound process?

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What Every Business Owner Should Know about Keyword Ranking in 2016

Do you worry when you type a particular keyword or phrase into Google and find your business doesn't appear in the search results? 

If so, you're not alone. Many business owners associate their website's value with what they see in their frequent experiments with search terms.  What many don't realize, in part because many marketing professionals cling to this strategy as well, is that online search has become much more sophisticated than focusing on a particular set of keywords. 

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The Secret Weapon of SEO: Win the Online Battle For New Clients

For any business to survive, it needs to maintain a consistent stream of customers... new customers... repeat customers... delighted customers!

But since every other business in your industry is also striving to attract the same attention as you, what will it take to set your business apart? What weapon is in your arsenal that will help you win the battle for these potential customers?

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