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Healthcare Marketing: New SEO Strategy Post Google Hummingbird

healthcare_marketingWhen it comes to healthcare marketing, developing an inbound marketing strategy instead of an outbound one is the smartest decision a marketing director can make. Unlike outdated outbound marketing techniques (print ads, direct mail, TV, radio, telemarketing, etc) that hawk the same message out to the masses and completely depend upon chance to impress someone to actually call you, inbound marketing creates a continuous cycle of qualified traffic arriving to the clinic's website, warming them up to become patients and then nurturing the relationship over time to forge a more solid and predicable revenue stream.  

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Raw SEO Services Aren't Enough

For years, one of the premier names in SEO services was known as SEOmoz. Today? Just call ‘em Moz

This company had a raft of reasons for the rebranding – everything from the hard pronunciation of “SEO” to the launch of Moz Analytics for single-platform inbound services – but their rationale basically came down to this: everything we thought we knew about inbound is evolving. 

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What You Don't Know About SEO Services Can Kill Your Business

The first adopters of Facebook were teens and college students. Today, adults comprise the biggest audience, and marketers embrace social media with enthusiasm.

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The Most Effective Healthcare Advertising Includes SEO Services

A new conversation is about to arise in healthcare advertising and marketing – and your practice needs to be ready for it.

That’s the gist of the recent developments by Google, still the undisputed leader in search engines.

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Afraid of a Hummingbird? Marketing Buzz on Google's Latest Change

The Internet is thrumming about Google's announcement yesterday, September 26th 2013 of it's latest algorithm change they call Hummingbird.

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