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Smart Spots: Setting Up an Email in HubSpot

So you have an awesome email template, but you’re not sure how to get it ready for send? Luckily, the email tool in HubSpot is an easy, straightforward way to draft and send emails from your business. Once you have all of the information you’d like to include, it’s only a matter of plugging it in to your template.

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Smart Spots: Formatting a Blog Post in HubSpot

Putting together a blog post is no easy task. From researching, writing, and editing, it can take time to put together high-value content that attracts visitors to your site. As it turns out, creating the content is only half the battle. Believe it or not the way a blog post is formatted affects everything from user experience to search engine optimization (SEO).

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Smart Spots: 10 Steps for Setting Up Landing Pages in HubSpot

We’ve all been there. You have a new offer you want to promote right away and need to gate it behind a form in order to generate leads. You quickly clone an existing landing page, change the text and then you’re done, right? Not quite. It may look fine on the front end, but there are a few crucial steps that can be easy to miss. While setting up a landing page in HubSpot is a pretty simple task, there is a process you should follow to ensure it’s fully optimized for the user and search engines alike.

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Smart Spots: 5 Steps to Creating Your Content Development Strategy

Starting a content plan without first developing your strategy would be like heading out on a road trip without knowing your destination or how you plan to get there. It’s truly not a good idea. 

This week, we're introducing our new video series, Smart Spots! Below you'll see a brief video of me sharing more about this topic. I'm also listing the steps needed to create your content strategy and a few tips on how to use them. 

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