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The 8 Best Blogs for SaaS Startups

Reading blogs is a smart (and free) way to get better at what you do. Blogs offer loads of topic-specific advice and often provide "learn from my mistakes" or "here's what works for us" styled tidbits that can shift the way you plan and grow your company's next moves.

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Software Marketing 101: Reaching Customers Who Don't Know They Need You

When their roof leaks, they call a contractor. When the car breaks down, they call their favorite mechanic. In these scenarios there are obvious connections between the customer's immediate problem and a solution. That's not always the case with software marketing.

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Take Your SaaS Show on the Road!

As software marketers, inbound marketing probably comes somewhat easier to you than it does to person-to-person oriented businesses. Digital technology, the online revolution, computers and gadgets - they are your preferred medium after all. Many of your customers, however, have the opposite experience.

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Think Small, Dream Big for SaaS Success

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere. Statista.com says there are currently more than 2 billion smartphones being used around the world, and that number is expected to grow by another 500 million over the next two years.

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Who Really Needs It? Enough Versus Everyone in SaaS Marketing

How many customers do you need?

Everyone? Almost everyone? Enough to generate revenue and (gasp!) become profitable? Can you ever have too many customers?

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