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Designing a Difference: A Website Redesign for STEM Curriculum Expert KnowAtom

Our client KnowAtom creates STEM curriculum that aims to engage students as real scientists and engineers in the classroom. The extensive materials they provide allow teachers to spend more time teaching students valuable problem-solving skills, and less time planning. KnowAtom has a proven track record of helping schools all over the U.S. increase test scores and proficiency, so it’s easy to see why they boast a notable 97% customer retention rate.

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Why Responsive Design Matters

Why does responsive design matter? More importantly, what is responsive design exactly? Responsive design means that a website's viewing and interaction experience is optimized for a wide range of devices. We have transitioned into a time where most people browse their web on a phone, so it's only fitting that we design our websites with those users in mind. Responsive design isn't a trend or a fad; as devices and technology keep changing, the way we think about web design needs to align with that.

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How to Efficiently Redesign Your Website in 6 Months

We live in a period of time where everything is available to us instantly. With the tap of a finger, we can order pizza, send an email, and post a photo we took seconds ago. In this digital age, we have some pretty high expectations when it comes down to time.

There are a few things in life that shouldn’t be rushed, however. Redesigning your website is one of them. Your website is your biggest marketing asset as well as the first impression your business gives. Therefore, creating a professional, helpful, and well-designed website is a must. As with most big commitments, the best results are often a product of the amount of time spent. Sure, you can have a website created for your business in as little as a month, but it’s not the same as having a perfectly tailored website.

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How to Design the Perfect Website

There’s a lot of pressure in creating a website. It is by far the most important marketing asset in your "toolbox" because it is converting visitors into leads 24/7. As the face of your brand, you want it to be great.

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How to Minimize the Risk of Designing a New Website

Ask most business owners about designing a new website and odds are you'll see a visible shudder pass from head to toe. Why? Because traditional website redesigns typically require significant costs up-front, a ton of time and energy on the part of business owners and key personnel, and they notoriously run over-budget. Also, there's no guarantee they'll work.

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