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3 Dirty Little Secrets of Effective Web Design and SEO

The world of web design and SEO changes at supersonic speed. What was once golden is now tarnished; the rules of the game are seemingly updated at whim.

Do you ever feel like everyone knows something you don't?

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Blog Design Breakdown

You’ve mastered the first step of inbound marketing: increasing web traffic by using great content and a mixture of SEO tactics. Since blogs are often the entrance point to a website for organic traffic, you need to ensure your blog design has the ability to engage and convert visitors. According to Google Analytics, in 2015 blogs had the highest bounce rate compared to all other website pages at 70-98%. So how can you convince readers to stay once on your blog once they’ve arrived, and how do you move them further along the inbound process?

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5 Questions to Answer Before Creating a New Healthcare Website

Creating a new website is a bit like an obstacle course. It has its challenges along the way, but the journey can be a blast if done correctly.

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The Truth About Building Websites in 2016

You don’t have to be a web designer to realize that the nature of building websites has changed. This development goes beyond the look of websites and into their very function.

No longer are they digital business cards. Now websites are practically living, breathing, 24/7 representatives of your business.

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Create an Engaging Website by Following These 7 Principles

When was your last "Aha!" moment? Ours was when we watched Dr. Susan Weinschenk’s 7 Principles that Make Your Website More Engaging video. Dr. Weinschenk makes some interesting and valid points about modern-day user experience. We just don’t browse the web like we used to. Nowadays we’re on a mission to find top-of-the-line information, products, and services.

However, with the amount of websites that are out there now, how do we ever make any decisions?

It’s simple, really. We look for the most engaging, well-designed websites.

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