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Website UX Audit

Your website is leaking money!

Whether it’s attracting visitors to your site, helping them find the information they need, or converting them into leads, we’ll pinpoint the cracks and show you exactly how to repair them.

Our website user experience (UX) audit will cover:

  • Specific issues that could be negatively affecting your SEO
  • Quick wins to improve user experience
  • Practical solutions to help prompt conversions

Scroll down to learn if an audit is right for you, what you get, and plans & pricing.

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Who needs an audit? You do – if you want to...

  • Improve your site without starting from scratch
  • Have defined solutions for SEO and usability problems without breaking the bank
  • Increase the opportunity for website conversions
Performance Optimization Audit

Do you know the answers? (We do!)

  • Are there technical errors on your site that could be penalizing your search ranking?
  • Is your site fully functional and accessible on all major browsers and devices?
  • Does your site follow best practices for user experience and conversion opportunities?
  • Can users easily find what they are looking for?
  • Does your copy and messaging encourage or dissuade potential buyers?

What do you get?

The Website UX Audit is a deep dive into your website’s strengths and weaknesses based on the inbound/usability model.

We analyze everything that affects your bottom line.

From SEO and page layout to copy and conversion tactics, we review it all:

  • Factors that affect your SEO, both on page and behind the scenes
  • Navigation and page layout, to ease user flow from one page to another and throughout each page individually
  • Copy, to ensure your message is user-focused and persuasive
  • Design and functionality, for a fully engaged audience
  • Landing pages, thank you pages, blog and resources, to promote conversions

In short, when it comes to assessing your most important marketing asset, there is no stone left unturned.

Inbound/User Experience Model

Inbound/Usability Model

Plans & Pricing

Website UX Audit

This plan includes:

  • Review of 10 page types, we will make select based on impact level and you’ll have final approval
  • A comprehensive, personalized report with actionable solutions that cover the entire inbound/usability model
  • SEO audit documents and screenshots highlighting areas for improvement
  • A 1-hour presentation call to review the report

Delivery Time: 2 Weeks | Cost: $2,400

Want an in-depth look of what's included with each plan?
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Website UX Audit + SEO Boost

This plan includes everything from plan #1 and adds the following:

  • 1-hour introductory call to discuss business goals, website goals and target audience
  • Website keyword audit
  • Competitor website keyword audit (up to three competitors)
  • Review website analytics for suggestions
  • Install and set up observational tracking
  • Set up two on-site surveys
  • Suggested new sitemap

Delivery Time: 4 Weeks | Cost: $4,950

Why analyze website UX?

Quick and Cost Effective

Quick & Cost Effective

Discover the fastest and least expensive UX method

Fresh Perspective

Unbiased Report

Get a fresh, objective perspective, no sugarcoating

Actionable Feedback

Actionable Feedback

Learn real, concrete solutions tailored specifically for your website