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Alison Brunson
By Alison Brunson on March 26, 2019

Smart Spots: Website Performance Audit


We’re excited to announce our newest offering at Spot On, the Website Performance Audit.

The audit serves as a low-cost, alternative option to a full website redesign. Our goal is to give you actionable changes that will help improve your website’s performance without the need to start from scratch.

Based on our Inbound/User Experience Model, we’ll dig into all aspects of your site, from SEO and copy, to user experience and conversion techniques, and provide a comprehensive report with screenshots and notes based on our findings. Each report is tailored individually according to your specific needs, it is not a one-size-fits all solution.

Improve your website's performance. Learn more about our website audit.

The turnaround time is between 2-4 weeks depending on your package selection. The second package includes an SEO-Boost, allowing us to take an even deeper dive by looking at your analytics, providing keyword analysis for you and up to three competitors, installing and setting up observational tracking and surveys (for ongoing user research), as well as editing your metadata copy and a suggested new sitemap, if necessary.

You and your team look at your site on a regular basis. This is an opportunity to get a fresh, unbiased perspective on your website. If you’re struggling with low traffic and/or conversions, we will help you get to the bottom of it.

Visit the website performance audit page for more information and sign up!

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Published by Alison Brunson March 26, 2019
Alison Brunson