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Inbound Sales Training

While your sales team might argue that cold calls and emails are still necessary – there is another way.

By training your sales team about the inbound methodology, they will learn that it is possible to attract and convert leads using a number of inbound marketing tactics.

An inbound sales training includes:

  • Presenting the inbound methodology so your sales team can gain a full understanding of how it works.
  • How Hubspot can be used to gain insights into your leads – regardless of which stage of the buyer’s journey they’re in.
  • The benefits of using Hubspot’s CRM, if you’re not already – but if you are, you will receive a more detailed exploration of the tool.

Who Conducts the Training?

Susie KelleySusie Kelley is Spot On’s Hubspot-Certified trainer for inbound sales. With experience working in Hubspot and training our clients about the inbound sales process, she is an expert in teaching clients how to use Hubspot’s sales and CRM tools.

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Inbound Sales Training
Inbound Sales Training

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