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Susie Kelley
By Susie Kelley on August 26, 2015

7 Powerful Features That Make HubSpot Software Unique

HubSpot softwareThe key to successful inbound marketing is... (drumroll please) AWESOME CONTENT. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Successful content creation – meaning content that meets prospective buyers where they are and skillfully leads them through the sales funnel  is all your company really needs to exponentially increase leads and sales... followed by amazing products and customer service, of course. But how do you know whether or not your content is optimized enough to create that easy-breezy journey for prospective and current clients?

HubSpot's COS Gets Inbound Marketing Results

HubSpot has been a leader of inbound marketing innovation for some time now. They're like "the Google of inbound marketing" because all the coolest kids use them, or at least follow their lead when it comes to online marketing. HubSpot's COS (content optimization system) is no exception.

7 Noteworthy Features of HubSpot's COS Software:

  1. IT'S OPTIMIZED FROM THE GET GO. We prioritize this one because if your customers can't read the gobbledygook on their relevant screen, they'll bounce right out of there. Content that is delivered with HubSpot's software is always mobile optimized, without any extra effort or other software tools, so people can read you on their today gadgets and their tomorrow gadgets.

  2. IT'S AFFORDABLE. One of the most prohibitive features of traditional CRM software is $Cost$. You hope your small-to-medium sized business will benefit in all the ways "they" say you will, but what if it doesn't? HubSpot's CRM software is free, and the COS software is affordable. Together, you get a unified sales/marketing system, making it financially comfortable to grow your business, especially as you expand your sales and marketing teams.

  3. SYNC THE SALES AND MARKETING PROCESS. Most companies' sales and marketing teams seem to exist in different spheres. Not only does this keep them out of touch with "The Big Picture," but it also makes for repeat data collection and tracking, which hinders the customers' experience. Most CRM programs are disconnected from the content optimization process with no simple way to sync the two. With HubSpot's software, the CRM component works hand-in-hand with the COS system so that efforts invested by your marketing team continue through the CRM tools, where sales can take the streamlined data and run with it (and vice versa). Both sales and management teams have access to real-time data without time-consumptive, repeat research and information tracking required.

  4. IT'S A ONE-STOP-SHOP. Both your marketing tools and marketing channels are located in the same place, so you and your customers enjoy a more streamlined experience across the website and social media spectrum.

  5. CUSTOMERS CHOOSE THEIR OWN ADVENTURE. Don't just talk about meeting them where they're at – make it happen! HubSpot's software uses smart webpages, CTAs and forms that are uniquely tailored to individual leads and the pain points they experience as they convert into customers – the ultimate in a personalized sales experience. Your qualified leads and customers will end up having a different experience than general website visitors. Pretty neat, eh?

  6. YOU GET TO CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE. Most traditional CMS software depends upon customization by someone in the web development arena, or at least the web design arena. With the HubSpot COS, a path is in place for your marketing team to make changes to the website as often as they like  even daily if so inclined  and you get to see how those changes perform through robust reporting tools.

  7. CONTENT IS OPTIMIZED FOR ONLINE SEARCHES. The HubSpot's COS makes it much easier to stay on top of keeping your search optimization house in order. You and your staff can easily maneuver to stay in sync with Google's current "Best SEO" practices.

HubSpot's new CRM platform is an amazing addition to their existing content optimization platform. Give it a try and you'll see what makes HubSpot software so unique. It streamlines everyone's experience  both in-house and in the sales funnel  using one of the most user-friendly programs to-date.

Published by Susie Kelley August 26, 2015
Susie Kelley